01 Oct 2021

We have reached a milestone in our herbarium digitization project - we now have over 10,000 images! This has been a special effort over the last 3 years, done entirely by students - graduate teaching assistants and undergraduates working for course credit or work study.

Our strategy has been to go through the herbarium alphabetically by family- first with the seed-free plants and gymnosperms, then monocots and finally the “dicots.” We have also been hard at work digitizing our Guadalupe Mountains National Park (GUMO) collection, which now has over 1100 specimens!

This semester we have three teams of undergraduates working on digitization, and we’re hopeful that by the end of summer 2022 we will have over 95% of our specimens imaged.

Here is a direct link to all specimens with images. Below are some of my favorites!

My helpful screenshot My helpful screenshot
Asplenium resiliens Asclepias asperula
One of our oldest specimens, from 1892 Our local milkweed species
My helpful screenshot My helpful screenshot
Centaurea americana Oenothera hartwegii
American basketflower From the Burgess collection