12 Sep 2017

New Location, new website! I am excited to join the faculty at Texas Tech University in 2017 as an Assistant Professor and Director of the E.L. Reed Herbarium. To go along with this move, I thought it was time to update the website! The previous version of mossmatters.com was created through WordPress, which I found very unintuitive and occasionally frustrating. For example, they don’t even allow GIFs!

The new site is generated by Jekyll, which is the same engine that generates github.io sites. The good news is that I can write nearly all of my content using Markdown. The whole site is generated on my laptop and then uploaded to my server as static webpages. Also, GIFs are now a breeze!

From a recent bocce outing by the Wickett Lab at Chicago Botanic Garden

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the various Pages to reflect ongoing projects and new publications. I will still maintain a blog for writing about new discoveries and adventures in plant phylogenomics. I plan on re-populating the blog with old posts from the previous website, hopefully with some new bells-and-whistles allowed by the new platform!