Kira Buckowing

Master's Student

My name is Kira Buckowing and I was a Master’s student in the Johnson Lab while studying Bioengineering at TTU. I joined in Summer 2019 and though I graduated after Fall 2020, I am continuing my work on the phylotranscriptomic analysis of pleurocarpous (creeping) mosses. This work aims to update previous research published in 2016 that explored species diversity in the second largest group of plants, led by Dr. Johnson himself.

Before coming to TTU in 2018, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biology from Missouri S&T while working a data management and analysis role for one of the departments on campus. My studies combined with this work experience led me to the intersection of both within Bioinformatics and I am actively pursuing a career in such.

When I’m not tapping away at my computer trying to solve a coding problem, I fill my free time with reading, writing and video games.