Herbarium Team

Student Assistants

Undergraduates Lauren Winfrey (left in photo) and Madeline Slimp (second from left) are assisting with our imaging project, working to provide images for our 19,700 recorded specimens. They are developing a “best practices” workflow so that other students will be able to easily start working on the project in the future!

David Hernandez-Martinez (middle), also an undergraduate, is adding to our recorded collections by imaging our unrecorded specimens. The first set of imaged specimens is our collection from the Guadlupe Mountains National Park, made when the Park first opened in 1971. After imaging the specimen, David and our other student assistants are working to transcribe the label data to complete the specimen records.

Katie Holt (front row, right) is a masters’ student in Museum Science, and is completing her Practicum research in the herbarium. She is interested in developing our best practices for the display of herbarium specimens as part of museum exhibits, which we hope to develop over the next few years.

Zachary Bailey (back row) is an undergraduate in the Honors College conducting his Undergraduate Research Symposium work on the Guadalupe Mountains National Park collection. Thanks to his efforts we now know the full extent of the previously-unrecorded collection (over 3500 specimens) and that there are more than 40 species for which we have 7 or more specimens. Zachary is working to learn how this collection adds to our current knowledge of the floral diversity of the park.