Oluwaseun Shodipo

PhD Student

Hi, I am Oluwaseun Shodipo, a PhD student in Biological Sciences at Texas Tech University. I love exploring plants, especially Angiosperms, and the best methods to conserve them. In a broad context, I am working on the Phylogenomic Analysis of a genus with insufficient molecular analyses, I am also working on determining the ploidy variation and its influence on reproductive isolation. I had previously received my bachelor’s degree from Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria. This was where I became fascinated by plant genetics, conservation, and evolution, my thesis was “Assessment of Genetic Divergence in Amaranthus hybridus for Agronomic Traits”.

Here, at Texas Tech, I am excited to work in Dr. Matt Johnson’s Lab to learn about Phylogenetic Systematics and using bioinformatics and genetic tools to access plant phylogeny to improve the conservation methods of plants.

During my leisure time, I give back to humanity by volunteering, hanging out with friends, and watching science fiction movies.