Landscapes of Linalool

M.G. Johnson, ().

From 2014 - 2022, Matt Johnson collaborated with the Landscapes of Linalool, an NSF-funded Dimensions of Biodviersity project led by Drs. Krissa Skogen, Jeremie Fant, and Norman Wickett at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The project resulted in a large number of phylogenomics papers, including:

  • L.L. Bechen*, M.G. Johnson, G. Broadhead, R. A. Levin, R.P. Overson, T. Jogesh, J.B. Fant, R.A. Raguso, K.A. Skogen, and N.J. Wickett. 2022. Differential gene expression associated with a floral scent polymorphism in the evening primrose Oenothera harringtonii (Onagraceae) 2022. BMC Genomics 23(124) doi:10.1186/s12864-022-08370-6

  • A. Patsis*, R.P. Overson, K.A. Skogen, N.J. Wickett, M.G. Johnson, W.L. Wagner, R.A. Raguso, J.B. Fant, and R.A. Levin. Elucidating the Evolutionary History of Oenothera Sect. Pachylophus (Onagraceae): A Phylogenomic Approach to Inference of Taxon Relationships. 2022. Systematic Botany 46(3) 799-811. doi:10.1600/036364421X16312067913471

  • B.J. Cooper, M.J. Moore, N.A. Douglas, W.L. Wagner, M.G. Johnson, R.P. Overson, A.J. McDonnell, R.A. Levin, R.A. Raguso, H.F. Olvera, H. Ochoterena, J.B. Fant, K.A. Skogen, and N.J. Wickett. 2022. Target enrichment and extensive population sampling help untangle the recent, rapid radiation of Oenothera sect. Calylophus. Systematic Biology doi:10.1093/sysbio/syac032

  • R.P. Overson, M.G. Johnson, L.L. Bechen, S.P. Kinosian, N.A. Douglas, J.B. Fant, P.C. Hoch, R.A. Levin, M.J. Moore, R.A. Raguso, W.L. Wagner, K.A. Skogen, and N.J. Wickett. A phylogeny of the evening primrose family (Onagraceae) using a target enrichment approach with 303 nuclear loci. BMC Evolutionary Biology in revision

  • K.N. Krakos, M.G. Johnson, P.C. Hoch, W.L. Wagner, P. Huan, and P.H. Raven. 2022. Molecular phylogenetics reveals multiple transitions to self-compatibility in a primary subclade of Oenothera. 2022. *Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden** doi: 10.3417/2022735

*Undergraduate Author